Director’s Greeting

Js International School was established in 2002. With the support of many, we have become a respectable school offering students a true international education. At Js we have a team of excellent teachers with the passion for educating children. We all cherish every second we spend with our students.

Generally international schools may be thought of as just a school for bilingual students. However, I believe being truly bilingual is not merely about being able to speak two languages. It includes understanding and absorbing the traditions and all other fundamental elements of cultures around the world, while at the same time forming ones own identity. We put a great emphasis on teaching both Eastern and Western traditions and mentalities.

As a part of our Western education program, we utilize books and other materials recommended by the United States Department of Education matching every students age and level of development. In our special class Js Broadway, we teach the students dancing and singing in English, which helps to develop their sense of rhythm, creativity and expression. The students are able to perform what they have learned at the end of the semester.

As a part of our Eastern education program, we utilize books and other materials recommended by the Japanese Ministry of Education. We have separate classes for native and non-native students. In our special class Js Japanese Omotenashi Culture, the students will experience and learn about the traditional Japanese culture through different activities, including traditional Japanese dance, etiquette, how to wear a kimono and playing the traditional Japanese instrument Shamisen. We offer a fun and effective way to introduce the students to Japanese culture.

All students are precious stones that need to be polished gently and carefully. All of us at Js International School hope that someday our students will be successful and enjoy exploring the world.

Meanwhile, we continue to learn and make discoveries with the students. Js International School today is filled with their smiling faces.

Young-Ja Yang
Js International School Director

Left: Mrs. Yang, Director
Right: Ms. Irene, Headmistress