J’s History

J’s International School was founded by two mothers whose children, a boy and a girl, were close friends, both attending international schools in Japan. The boy, Jason, was studying to become a math teacher when he tragically lost his life in an accident in the U.S.A. The girl continued her studies to become an early childhood educator. Together the mothers felt that establishing a school for early childhood development would be a meaningful tribute to Jason’s life as well as the girl’s love of teaching. The two mothers combined their many years of experience in child rearing and teaching English to create J’s – a school named after the first letter of their childrens names and of course Japan.

Grateful that their own children had the privilege of receiving their education in splendid international schools, the two mothers created Js to enable other children to have similar opportunities. They are also very grateful for the support and encouragement given to them by educators and parents of the international community in Tokyo.

Our Philosophy

Along with a high academic standard of Preschool and Kindergarten activities and curricula, we at Js aim to make our school family-like and fun in a very special way, a home outside of home. Our dedicated teachers go the extra mile helping children individually excel in their strong areas and progress in weaker areas. Our goal is for children to love being at Js, from the warm welcome at arrival time to pick up time, enthusiastically showing their caregiver what was learned that day. We strive to make their first experience of school happy and enjoyable.

As their child grows, a parent has many different concerns for them, from worry over adjusting to being at school for the first time to academic progress and taking entrance exams to elementary schools. The school founders, being parents of grown children themselves, understand and appreciate parents feelings and concerns. We communicate regularly, offering advice, working together to make sure each child gets the attention, care and nurturing they need. A solid trust and teamwork between the school staff and families has grown over the years; we have built a school we are all proud of.

Js believes children should develop in all five domains: socio-emotional, cognitive, physical, creative and intellectual. We believe they are all interrelated and are all equally important when it comes to child development. That being said, we take planning our curriculum and classes very seriously so we can encourage development in all 5 domains. Our school believes in a balanced curriculum where both play-based learning and teacher-lead classes should be used. The teacher lead classes are usually during academics where literacy and numeracy are taught; play-based learnings are usually during centre time and free play.

True to the Eastern philosophies of Japan, which emphasize virtue, justice, courtesy, faith, and wisdom, we wish to make our school a place for instilling and practicing these principles.