Dear Ms. Irene and Mrs. Yang,I remember the moment, last year when I visited Js for the first time to decide which school I would have to choose for my children. My family has been traveling to different countries during my childrens early childhood. My wife and I were seriously concerned about our children losing their self-confidence and getting passive in learning and playing at their school.

However, I was very impressed with Mrs. Yangs passion and kindness that she has shown to me. I myself felt comfortable, which convinced me to decide that Js was the school for our children. We believe Js fits perfectly for us because it gives us a comfortable atmosphere so that my children can gain a positive learning attitude and self-confidence. Secondly, in a short period of time, Js helped our children achieve a certain level of academic growth in a relatively short time. Our children had less than a year and half before they had to be admitted to Elementary school. Now, I can say without giving a second thought that my choice was excellent for my children. I am so happy and proud to watch my kids growing up every day with lots of achievements over the periods at Js.

My children used to hide behind my back when they first started attending Js. However, now they speak loudly and confidently, expressing themselves without hesitation to their teachers and friends. I can clearly see my children having a wonderful time at Js through their big smiles and enthusiasm of wanting to go to school. It is sort of a small miracle to us.

My wife used to quite often say, Youngwoo and Seoyoon did their worksheets very nicely this year and improved their academic skills incredibly compared to last year. I cant possibly imagine all the effort and patience the teachers have been putting into our children.

My children will go to St. Marys and Seisen from September this year. It is amazing that I do not have to hesitate or worry about their school lives. I do trust they will make another big growth and progress while they enjoy their new schools. This is all possible because of Js.

My wife and I would like to give huge thank yous to the teachers at Js international School, especially Ms. Irene for the tremendous help, commitment and sincere support. We were encouraged many times by Ms. Irene whenever we were concerned about our children showing minimal growth at times. We are so fortunate that our children were able to learn from Ms. Irene. She is a great teacher as well as a great advisor.

We will miss you all and the wonderful times we spent together. Thank you.

Warmest regards,

Youngwoo and Seoyoons Parents.

There are many questions and challenges that we as parents are facing. We always want the best for our children. I cant tell you in words how much we have appreciated and are appreciating Js work with our children. We couldnt have chosen a better school for them than this, neither in Sweden nor in Japan.All our 3 children have gone to Js. My son and first daughter started in 2006, and my youngest daughter will graduate this summer (2013). All three children have absolutely loved Js! They have been happy and wanting to go to school everyday. They have always loved their teachers which are always happy and in my mind very professional.

There are several reasons why we choose Js for our children. The school provides a very caring atmosphere; the teachers are very professional and always happy. The hours are very flexible if you want, and Js have a great after school program for example Japanese, dance, math, art and much more. My children always loved the after school program! The curriculum is very structured and professional, and makes it a lot of fun for the children to learn. Location is great, and the trip to the park every day is great for the kids.

All my 3 children have always, everyday looked forward on going to Js, and in my mind that is the best way of telling how great the school is! Happy children – happy parents!!

Our youngest child will graduate from Js this summer to start NIS together with her older brother and sister. It will be a bittersweet moment! I am so happy and grateful for the education Js has given my 3 children. They had the best start in terms of school experience – we will miss Js so much!!

Nina Lee








Dear J’s Teachers,I would like to thank you all for a terrific school year. Kai really enjoyed being at J’s this year and has matured and learned so much from being in such a caring environment. We wish that we could take Js school to Boston so that Kai could enjoy another great year!

We will miss your cheerful smiles and especially all the love that you shared with Kai.?You all made me feel so comfortable because I knew that Kai was enjoying his days. Sometimes he would even complain, How come I never get to stay late! When your child doesnt want to return home at end of an already long day, then you know hes had a great day! I wish continued success for Js school and hope that all your students enjoy Js as much as Kai did.

Again, many heart felt thanks for your kind and warm hearted teaching.


Lorrie S.

I really appreciate your consistent support and effort for our children. And it is my pleasure to have an opportunity to describe my thought about J’s International School.The reasons why we changed Kento’s previous school to J’s were 1)we recognized J’s was the best school to provide proper educational environment since we believed that linguistic skill should not only be a final goal but have to be a effective tool to enrich Kento’s life and world. We concluded J’s was the best place to realize that. 2) we already decided to put Kento in an International school a few years ago and after visiting several preschools, we learned that J’s was the only preschool to know the process, prepare a road map and have a game plan for upper international schools. 3) J’s understands the importance of the triangle of students, parents and teachers to lead children to the right direction for developing and upgrading their abilities.
We think choosing J’s international was the right choice to realize our educational plan for Kento.Kento graduated from J’s international school last year and now enjoys his school days at St. Mary’s.All the basics that Kento needed for St.Mary’s was all prepared and educated at J’s. Our second son, Kaito, is also successfully joining St.Mary’s from September this year. We thank J’s International School for having educated our sons to lead to the entrance of St. Mary’s smoothly.

Best Regards

Hideharu and Satomi T.

Isabel has thrived in J’s academic environment. Her development in English, mathematics and Japanese has exceeded our expectations. She will be very well prepared for entering first grade. In addition, the bi-lingual environment and access to after-school intensive Japanese class has helped her develop fluency and comfort with Japanese language and culture.Overall J’s has encouraged Isabel to develop self-confidence and self-reliance which has made her a much better communicator and a much more creative and enquiring student.

Henry R.

After School Intensive Class RecommendationOur daughter started to attend J’s when she was 2 1/2. She picked up English quickly but she was more comfortable with Japanese. But her English proficiency improved significantly after she started to take intensive program. She’s now able to understand most of spoken English and speaks English almost as fluently as her Japanese if not better. Furthermore, she began to recognize basic words when she sees them and she’s learning new words constantly. Now, she seems to prefer English over Japanese when reading a book or watching television. We highly recommend the intensive program to any parents wanting to improve a child’s English skills in the fastest and most effective way. The apparent changes will be very noticeable in just a few months.

Best regards,

Shoichi K.

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Masao M.

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