J’s International School


J’s International School proudly celebrated their 17th year in Moto-Azabu. J's was found by two mother’s who’s children attended Seisen and St. Mary’s. We are truly female-founded, female-led! The school is run by early childhood educators certified in Canada and US and mothers who have worked with children

Our school is catered to children for 15 months to before first grade. We follow Reggio-Emillia Approach and  Inquiry-Based Philosophy where everyday we answer children’s why, what, where and when! We have Japanese classes within our curriculum where children learn about Japanese customs, language, stories and songs. 

At J’s, each class is structured with an educator, a mother figure and an artist. We believe this setup to be the most beneficial for the child’s optimum growth, both emotionally, psychologically and physically

We encourage children to be both inquisitive and creative, and in the process, fill them with curiosity, imagination and the joy of learning.

Studies have revealed that a child’s capacity to learn is at its highest during the first six years of their life. Our teachers show children that learning can be both fascinating and fun during these formative years. We strive to nurture your child’s natural curiosity to explore, play, mimic, and learn while at the same time encouraging social and physical growth, academic skills, sensory perception, and overall independence.