What is J's International School?

  • We are an international school focused on academic growth in Moto-Azabu, Tokyo with a 15 year history.
  • We provide a high level bilingual education (classes in both English and Japanese taught by qualified teachers).
  • We accept the enrollment of children from ages 1.5 years to 6 years.
  • We provide an educational and exciting curriculum for our students throughout the year with seasonal themes. (Traditional Japanese New Year, Valentines Day, Ocean Week, Christmas around the world, etc.)
  • We hold an impressive track record of our students being accepted into prominent International Schools and prestigious Private Japanese Schools.
  • 東京都元麻布で15年間の歴史を誇るインターナショナルスクール
  • 有能な教員によるハイレベルのバイリンガル幼児教育

  • 1歳3ヶ月から6歳までのお子さま対象

  • 様々なテーマに沿った子供たちが楽しく学べるカリキュラム

  • 卒業生の有名インターナショナルスクール及び私立学校への進学実績


At J’s International School, our experienced staff members are committed to developing a child’s potential. We encourage children to be both inquisitive and creative, and in the process, fill them with curiosity, imagination and the joy of learning.

Studies have revealed that a child’s capacity to learn is at its highest during the first six years of their life. Our teachers show children that learning can be both fascinating and fun during these formative years. We strive to nurture your child’s natural curiosity to explore, play, mimic, and learn while at the same time encouraging social and physical growth, academic skills, sensory perception, and overall independence.

J’s curriculum is designed to encourage your child to advance through the program at his or her own pace. It is a consistent and structured approach that allows a child to feel secure in their environment; which is so important for their growth. The program is based on modern, up-to-date instructional methods and educational tools-making your child’s transition to an international elementary school in Japan, or to a school overseas, as smooth as possible.

Parents can take comfort knowing that their child is receiving the best care at J’s International School.