After School Programs

Modern Art

Every Wednesday 2:30pm~3:30pm
For children 3~6 years of age


Would you like to see how your child expresses their emotions using art?

Our Modern Art Class is the perfect class where they can explore their creativity through various types of materials. 

The class will be led by our art teacher who will help our small artists expand their creativity in ways they have never experienced before. 

Come join the fun, there's no limit when it comes to creativity... Let's see what you can create!



Every Friday 2:30pm~3:30pm
For children 3~6 years of age

Our English class will focus on children‘s oral communication, comprehension and reading skills.  Using different tools such as games, books, songs and poems each class is catered to different levels.  

This class is meant for English Language Learners who needs additional supplement from their daily class. Our English Classes are run by our teachers at J's International School.