Weekly Blog

May 2018 Week 2


Little Lambs

Hello and happy Thursday!

This week we continued practicing BIG and small for our “Fun with Opposites” theme!  We sorted big and small dinosaurs.  We also practiced sorting big and small rocks and big and small bugs at the park.  We colored a big elephant and a small mouse!  We also sorted big and small trains, cars, planes, and boats on a worksheet. 

We colored a title page for our Alphabet Hand Print Scrapbook, too!

We practiced counting to the number 9!  We counted and colored 9 fish on our worksheet.  We also did a number matching activity and fished for numbers from our sensory bin!

Tomorrow, we’re having our annual school trip!  We hope to see you all there!  Let’s enjoy the zoo together!

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next week!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

Busy Bees


This week for our alphabet countdown we started with the letter F! “Fire truck! Friends! Fries!” These were some words the children said. The children had a lot of fun cutting their fruits to make their fruit salad using a knife.
On the G the children drew a picture using oil pastel and watercolours they drew a picture of a garden!!
H was for happy! We made happy faces by painting our face with water colour and shaving cream. “It turning into purple!” On the letter I, we investigated what makes ice melt the fastest. We had salt, spoon and warm water. Our friends poured salt and warm water on the ice with the spoon! “It’s making a hole when I put salt!” “My ice is getting smaller!” They realized that putting salt in warm water and pouring it on the ice made it melt the fastest. 

On Friday we will be going to ZOORASIA to see some Jungle animal for the letter J!

Ms. Melinda and Ms. Jija



Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

Hello and happy Thursday!

The week of our excursion is FINALLY here!  The children have been waiting sooooo long for this time to come.  For our Monday theme day we drew a rainforest to glue the tiger that we made last week with the shaving cream.  We learned that tigers don’t live with lions.  To better understand what rainforests look like we introduced the story Jungle Book.

On Wednesday we talked about that lions live in a savannah.  We showed the children the video of Lion King and tried to distinguish the difference of landscape and the other animals that live there as well.  The children drew the landscape of the savannah using crayon and added animals like the lion, zebra, giraffe, hippo and others to complete the picture.  The children did a great job!

Now it’s time to see the real thing!  We’re going to the zoo!  Let’s sleep early tonight so we will be on time for the bus!  See you all there!  Let’s enjoy our trip!

Ms Irene & Ms Yuka