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March 2018 Week 2

 Made apples with construction paper.

Made apples with construction paper.

 We did the letter "S" for our ABC Hand Print project.

We did the letter "S" for our ABC Hand Print project.

Little Lambs

Hello and happy Friday!

For our “All About Me!” theme we asked the question “How old are you?”  For craft we pasted together construction paper to make green and red apples.  In the center of our apples we pasted on pom poms as seeds.  However many seeds were in the center of our apple, answered the question “How old are you?”  Some Little Lambs had one seed and others had two.   

We took the first letter of our names to make a special letter craft, too!  What a great way to kick off our “All About Me!” theme.

We also continued our ABC Hand Print project with the letter “S!”  The teacher painted the palm of our hands yellow and our thumbs green.  The teacher helped us draw two squiggly lines where we pasted on two eyes.  Can you guess what we made?  We made slow, slimy snails!  “S” says “sss sss” sailboat, seal, shark, sleep, snake, socks, squirrel, strawberry, sunflower.  We colored a seahorse in the shape of a capital “S” too! 

We learned and recognized the shape of a rectangle through song and a worksheet.

In preparation for the March holiday of St. Patrick’s Day we made a handprint rainbow connecting to a pot of gold!

Super job this week, Little Lambs!

Have a great weekend and see you next week!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

Busy Bees

Hello and happy Friday!

We started our week learning about the new theme for this month which is “Community Helpers”. 

When we say Community Helpers, these are the people we see in our neighborhood who help us a lot. We used flashcards and pictures to show the kids about the different community helpers. 

This week, we learned about chefs and what they do to help us in our community.  Chefs cook food for other people. They wear hats, aprons, shirts and pants. 

On Monday, the Busy Bees pretended having their own restaurant where they made their menu. They were able to choose the foods they want to add in their menu. We then arranged the tables to make it look like a restaurant. Some kids took turns being chefs, waiters, and customers.   

We also made spaghetti craft using yarns for spaghetti, cotton balls for meatballs and we all painted them brown using our fingers. 

The letter for this week is Vv. V is for van, volcano, and violin. For the craft, we made a volcano. We showed them a picture of an active volcano where they can see the lava flowing out of it. We also did letter V tracing worksheet after the craft.

Also, since the kids were the Little Chefs in the Busy Bees, we did some cooking this week. In our cooking activity, we made pizza bread and ate it for snacks. The kids really enjoyed cutting the ham and cheese and in making their own version of pizza bread. It was a really nice experience for the kids to cook and to make something with their friends.

Great job Busy Bees!

Have a nice weekend and see you all next week!

Ms. Khristine and Ms. Melinda

 We made spaghetti craft using yarns and cotton balls.

We made spaghetti craft using yarns and cotton balls.

 The letter for this week was "V".

The letter for this week was "V".

 Being a vet in the dramatic play area.

Being a vet in the dramatic play area.


Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

Hello and Happy Friday!

I'd like to start by saying, "Thank you" parents for attending the Open House last Saturday!  Yes, children do act differently when parents are in the classroom, but your presence is "so" important as children feel special and important.

Also I'd like to say BIG Thank you to YOU parents for your continued support and for the wonderful party for "us" teachers.  It is always a pleasure to be able to be a part of your child's growth and education.

This week, I've introduced the new theme "Birds" and in the dramatic play area is the Animals Clinic.  The Ready Rabbits and Clever Cat's are on standby ready to accept emergency patients as a vet, nurse or surgeon.  Don't worry your pet is in good hands!

It's been a wet week.  Please enjoy your weekend and see you all on Monday!

Ms. Irene and Ms. Yuka