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June 2018 Week 1

 Learned " clean and dirty".

Learned " clean and dirty".

 Our last craft! Dirty pink pig!

Our last craft! Dirty pink pig!

Little Lambs

Hello and happy Friday!

It was the last week of the school year but we went out with a bang!

We wrapped up our “Fun with Opposites!” theme with the opposites “clean and dirty.”  The teacher traced two sets of our handprints.  We colored one set of hands with brown crayon.  This side was DIRTY!  We dabbed the other set of hands with blue dabbers for bubbles and pasted on a bar of soap.  This side was CLEAN.  We also used soap and sponges to clean our dirty toys!

For our last craft we made a dirty pink pig!  We used brown paint mixed with sand to make our pig dirty!  “Oink oink!” says the pig.  He loves frolicking through the mud!

We also made special Father’s Day crafts for our daddies!  Enjoy your popsicle cards, dads!  You’re the coolest pops in the land!

Thank you so much for a wonderful year, Little Lambs!  We loved seeing your smiling faces everyday and we hope to see them again during Summer Fun!

Enjoy your summer holiday!   Good work, everyone!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

Busy Bees

Happy last fri-yay before summer break!

The rainy season is about to start! We kicked off the week by making our personal umbrellas for the letter U!! We had children draw their family some wrote their names! For the letter V, we made vases decorated with tissue! For W, we made a card for our daddy’s with a Watch! For X, we investigated bones seen thru x-ray! They made an picture of themselves and their bones! And for Y and Z we had our Year-end party and Zoooom into summer! We decorated our fans with our mommy!!

It was an amazing couple of months working with the busy bee friends!

Thank you for the fabulous time! Have a great summer busy bees!

Love, Ms. Jija and Ms. Melinda

 Made their own umbrella for the letter U.

Made their own umbrella for the letter U.


 Making Father's Day gift.

Making Father's Day gift.

Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

Hello and happy Friday!

The last week of the school year has come!  The children were busy with graduation rehearsals.  The graduates also had to practice their individual poems everyday and receiving their diplomas.

Our Academics was reviewing what we went over during the year; the RR's the numbers and alphabets and the phonetic sounds.  The older class focused on telling time and reading comprehension.

But we didn't forget to make our Father's Day gift, of course!  The children put together a pen stand.  We hope daddy finds a nice place to put it!  They love their daddies!

It's graduation and of course it's time to say good-bye!  But I look forward to a bright future for all of our children!  Congratulations graduates and their families!

Have a great summer!

Ms. Irene and Ms. Yuka