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May 2018 Week 1

 Learning about opposites, big and small!

Learning about opposites, big and small!

 Our ABC Handprint project was the letter "Z".

Our ABC Handprint project was the letter "Z".

Little Lambs

Hello and happy Friday!

We hope everyone had a lovely Golden Week holiday!

This week we began our “Fun with Opposites” theme.  We learned the opposites BIG and small!  We began sorting big and small animals and big and small pom poms.  We compared big and small hands and big and small circles too!

We wrapped up our ABC Hand Print project with the letter “Z!”  The teacher painted our hands white.  We pasted on an eye and painted black stripes, a tail, and four hooves.  Can you guess what we made?  We made zany zebras!  “Z” says “zzz zzz” zebra, zero, zig-zag, zipper, zoo.  We colored a zebra in the shape of a capital “Z” too! 

We learned and reviewed a diamond shape.  We sorted through some felt shapes to find diamonds.  We also did a dabbing worksheet in the shape of a diamond, too!

To celebrate and recognize our awesome mommies we made a special Mother’s Day craft!  Thank you to our mommies for all that you do!!!  Happy happy Mother’s Day!

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next week!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

Busy Bees

Happy Friday Busy Bees!

Even though its a little cold, we have officially started our countdown to Summer!

There is officially 25 days left (Counting from Monday)

We are doing an alphabet countdown and each day we will be doing something with the alphabet!

To kick off our alphabet countdown we started with the letter, A! we made paper Airplanes and spoke about our Animals. We started our animal book! For B we looked into various Birds, making sure we know what kinds of Birds we will see at the Bird show! On C, Caitie was the star of the day and introduced her family and her favorite baby doll, 'Caitie Baby'. On the fourth day, for letter D we designed our own keyholder and card for mother's day! On Friday, we are Excited for Riko's Birthday party as well as excited to see Elephant and Emu!

Next week, we will follow with F, G, H, I and J!

Have an amazing weekend and happy mother's day!

Happy Birthday Sweet Riko! Hope you have a lovely birthday!

Ms. Jija & Ms. Melinda

 The children made a keyholder and a card for mother's day.

The children made a keyholder and a card for mother's day.

image1 (2).jpeg

 The children made a python snake!

The children made a python snake!

Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

Hello and happy Friday!

We are back to school from a long Golden Week.  Unfortunately the weather has been raining most of the week but the RR’s and CC’s have been busy with our projects.  The month has changed to May and the theme to “The Zoo” so our first project was making a python snake.  We made chains out of construction papers, good for our fine motor skills! 

On Tuesday we made rain sticks!  Rain sticks are instruments.  We put small pieces of macaroni in our toilet paper tubes that we finger painted in various colors.  The children loved shaking it!  When you move it slowly it actually sounds like the waves!

On Wednesday, we made a tiger out of shaving cream and paints of orange and black.  We put a whole lot of shaving cream in a cookie tray and squeezed orange and black paint as we swirled around to make it look like marble.  As we placed our tiger drawing on it we pressed down and scraped off the cream!  A beautiful marble designed tiger!  A little messy but fun!

Thursday was our Cooking Day.  The BB’s joined us making cookies for our Mother’s Day party.  We first made the dough and then let it rest in thefrig for an hour.  After lunch we had so much fun using the cookie cutters and making the heart shapes and decorating them with pink sprinkles!  Yummy!

What a busy week!  Happy Mother’s Day to all of our mothers,  and  have a nice weekend.

Ms Irene & Ms Yuka