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May 2018 Week 3

 Learning about "hot and cold".

Learning about "hot and cold".

 Painting with ice!

Painting with ice!

Little Lambs

Hello and happy Friday!

For our “Fun with Opposites!” theme we learned and practiced “hot and cold.”   The teacher heated up a sock full of rice in the microwave.  We were careful to touch it because it was HOT!  We took ice packets from the freezer and BRR!  They were COLD!  We colored a sun and a fire and learned that they were HOT!  We colored an ice cream cone and some ice cubes and learned that they were COLD!

We did a science experiment too!  We watched the teacher put red food dye in a water bottle filled with hot water.  We noticed the red food dye moved through the hot water very fast.  We watched the teacher put blue food dye in a water bottle filled with cold water.  We noticed the blue food dye moved very slowly.  We associated the color red with something hot and the color blue with something cold.  We painted a HOT color painting using red and orange paints and gold glitter.  We painted a COLD color painting using light and dark blue paints and silver glitter.

We did some sensory play with ice too!  The teacher froze big bowls of water with sea animals inside.  We used salt mixed with red paint to melt the ice and save the animals!  We also painted with ice too!  We watched the ice melt and make beautiful colors on our papers. 

Lastly, we had a crayon melting activity!  We used a blow dryer to melt crayon shavings onto our paper.  What beautiful masterpieces we made learning hot and cold this week!

Excellent work this week, Little Lambs!

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next week!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

Busy Bees

Happy Friday this week we did KLMNO for alphabet countdown. For K we made a kite. The children were able to decorate their kite with their initial! We tied a plastic bag onto our kite. The plastic bag helps catch the wind! 

On L, our friend Layla did her show and share. She spoke about her family and brought her precious show and share to show everyone. We spoke about love and what we love. “I love ice cream!” “I love my friends!” “I love school!” For M we made monster magnets! We used a straw and blew paint on the paper. Some monsters had one eyes, some had three! Then we put magnets onto the monster! 

For N our friends made their name necklace! And for O, we did an obstacle race! Ready get set go! We went under and over and ran with a ball on our spoon! 

Two more weeks till summer! Let’s enjoy the last few weeks together!

Ms. Melinda and Ms. Jija

 Doing show and share about her family.

Doing show and share about her family.

 Using a straw to blow paint on paper.

Using a straw to blow paint on paper.


Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

Hi and happy Friday!

This week for the RR/CC’s, we went over our scavenger hunt booklet that we used at Zoorasia!.  The field trip was great but the park was huge and of course impossible to see completely!   We made time to go over the answers one by one.  I do admit some were very similar and hard to do.  Thank you moms!

On Tuesday we had sometime in the afternoon so we did our safari file that we are doing for play.  We completed the tiger so we talked about the Lion.  This is a time were the children actually learn the important facts of the animals.  We wrote about the animal’s description, habitat, diet and any other interesting facts.  Our file is looking good!

On Wednesday we joined the BB’s class while on Thursday we had Ms Melinda Art/Drawing class where the children looked briefly at some film clips of Lion King as they learned step by step how to draw the animal.  The children did tremendously well!

Have an enjoyable weekend !

Ms Irene & Ms Yuka