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March 2018 Week 4

 Doing the puzzle with our body parts.

Doing the puzzle with our body parts.

 Making Easter basket for our egg hunt.

Making Easter basket for our egg hunt.

Little Lambs

Hello and happy Friday!

For our “All About Me!” theme we continued reviewing our body parts.  The teacher even made us puzzles using pictures of our heads, shoulders, knees, and toes to piece together.

We continued our ABC Hand Print project with the letter “U!”  The teacher painted our hands light blue.  We pasted on two eyes and a colorful mane and tail.  We topped it off by pasting on a shiny horn.  Can you guess what we made?  We made unique unicorns!  “U” says “uh uh” ukulele, umbrella, up.  We colored a unicorn in the shape of a capital “T” too! 

We counted to and reviewed the number 7!  We colored seven tulips on our worksheet.

We learned that next week is Easter and prepared Easter baskets for our egg hunt on Monday!  We also began learning and singing our Easter song, “The Way the Bunny Hops!”

 Fabulous job this week, Little Lambs!

Have a lovely weekend and see you next week!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

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Busy Bees

Happy Fri-yay! 

This week was my first week with the busy bees and it went by very fast since we had lots of fun together!

We’ve been fortunate with beautiful weather along with the cherry blossoms. We took advantage of the weather and played at the park a lot this week. We investigated the cherry blossom and the children made their cherry blossom trees with pegs at school. We remembered they were a lot taller than us. 

We have also dyed our Easter eggs using primary colours and shaving cream. The children made predictions to what colour they would make mixing their colours. Next month we will experiment colours! 

Rounding up the community helper chapter by learning about fire fighters and how they help keep our community safe! We made a xylophone for the letter X and the number was 15. 

The children welcomed Caitie but we are sad to see Shun leave for his new school. 

Have a gorgeous weekend friends! 

Ms. Jija & Ms. Melinda

 This week's letter was the letter "X".

This week's letter was the letter "X".

 Picnic at Arisugawa park.

Picnic at Arisugawa park.

 Look at our Easter baskets!

Look at our Easter baskets!

Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

The sakura is so beautiful isn't it!  The RR/CCs went to enjoy the beautiful sakura trees at Arisugawa park.  We had our snack time and circle time under the tree too!  Then we moved on the playground where we had fun running around, climbing on the jungle bars, and horseback riding on the rocking animals.

Before heading back to school, we visited the pond area again, hoping to see more birds, however unfortunately, there weren't as many as we thought we would see!  We did get to take a nice walk around the park to observe the nature around us which was very nice.

As Easter is right around the corner, the children were rushed to make their Easter baskets.  This year we made them out of tissue boxes.  The children drew Easter eggs, bunnies and chicks to glue on their baskets.  Now they are ready to go!

On another day, we boiled eggs.  Guess what, some countries dye boiled eggs during Easter and put them in their baskets!  Ms Yuka brought over some dye and we had fun dying our eggs came out so colorful!  The week and the month went so fast!  Monday is our Easter egg hunt!  Can't wait!

Have a great Hanami and see everyone back on Monday!

Ms Irene & Ms Yuka