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October Week 1

We made ghost Halloween baskets.

We made ghost Halloween baskets.


Little Lambs

Little Lambs October Week 1

Hello and happy Friday!

The Little Lambs learned this is the beginning of a new month, October!  So we began our Spooky Fun with Halloween theme!

We kicked off our theme by making Thumbkin Patches and trick-or-treat ghost buckets.  To create our thumbkin patches we dipped our thumbs in an orange inkpad and stuck them on paper.  The teacher made Jack-o-lantern faces and vines to finish off our Thumbkin Pumpkin Patches!  For our ghost buckets we stuck on a ghost face and crepe paper to make our ghost extra spoooooky!

This week we practiced recognizing the color orange.  On our worksheet we colored a pumpkin, a butterfly, a clownfish, a basketball, and a carrot all the color orange!  We also made a collage with orange crepe paper decorating the letter O for “Orange!”  We’ll be seeing the color orange a lot this month because of Halloween!

Spooktacular work this week, Little Lambs!

Keep up the good work and we’ll see you next week!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

Busy Bees

Hello and happy Friday!

The Busy Bees were introduced to our new theme for this month which is Fall or Autumn. In autumn, the leaves start to change color. They change to red, yellow, and brown. Also in autumn, the leaves start to fall off from the trees. That is why autumn is also called the Fall Season. 

On Monday, we learned about the new season which is Fall or Autumn. For the activity, we made autumn trees. We mixed yellow and red to make the orange color. 

On Tuesday, we did letter craft. Our letter for this week is Dd. D is for dinosaur, diamond, and dog. We made a dog for the letter craft. We also did worksheet after the craft.

On Wednesday, we already started making some Halloween craft. We used the toilet tissue paper rolls for our colorful bats and monsters. 

On Thursday, we did shapes and colors worksheets. We also started learning how to make patterns using different objects and manipulatives we have in the class.

Great job kids!

Have a nice weekend and see you all next week!

Ms. Khristine and Ms. Melinda

Painting autumn leaves.

Painting autumn leaves.

He got a brag tag! Yay!

He got a brag tag! Yay!

Our dramatic area is a hospital. Look I'm a doctor!

Our dramatic area is a hospital. Look I'm a doctor!

Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

Hello and Happy Friday!

The month has changed to October and the new theme, “Our Body and Health” (How do We Stay Healthy?).  We will focus on what we need to do to keep health like; eating the right foods, exercise, getting enough rest, and hygiene.

We have also started a new reward system where children are recognized by getting “brag tag” awards which they collect and hang under their names when they are caught doing a helpful deed to friends and teachers.  We hope that the brag tags will encourage the children to lend a helping hand than rather “tattle tailing”.

Our dramatic play area has become a general hospital this month.  We have busy doctors and nurses ready to help cure the sick baby dolls.  The hospital is even equipped with the latest X-ray machine!

October is also the month of Halloween.  This week we made black bats out of toilet paper rolls, googly eyes, paint and colored construction paper.  We also made bloody hands by painting our hands with red paint and making prints!

It was a very productive week for the RR/CC class.  Have fun during the weekend and remember that Monday is a national holiday and therefore school will be from Tuesday, October 10th. 

Ms Irene & Ms Yuka