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May 2018 Week 4

 Learning "hard and soft" by touching a rock and a pillow.

Learning "hard and soft" by touching a rock and a pillow.


Little Lambs

Hello and happy Friday!

We continued our “Fun with Opposites!” theme with the opposites “hard and soft!”  We learned signs for hard and soft.  We touched a rock to learn hard and a pillow to learn soft.  We colored a hard rock and a soft rabbit on our worksheet.  The next day the teacher gave us a paper with pictures of rocks on one side and pictures of rabbits on the other side.  We glued on hard seashells and pasta shells on the pictures of the rocks.  This was the “hard” side.  We glued on colorful pom poms on the pictures of the rabbits.  This was the soft side.

We made a texture collage of things that are hard—popsicle sticks, straws, buttons, and pasta shells---and things that are soft—feathers, pom poms, cotton balls, felt.  The teacher traced our hands.  We pasted on something hard on one hand and something soft on the other.

We ended the week with a cotton ball smash activity!  

Fabulous work this week, Little Lambs!

Have a wonderful weekend and we’ll see you next week!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale



Busy Bees

Happy second last Friday before Summer!

This week we did P,Q,R,S,T!

We kicked off the week making Princess and Prince crowns and having a Picnic Party on the roof top t lunch time. Then we made our Quilt for the letter Q! Also learned that the letter Q and U are BEST FRIENDS!!! Always together!! For the letter R, we had our R friends do their show and share! They brought their favourite item from home! For S, we made SLIIIIIIME!!! We mixed all the ingredients and put some magical sparkles too! On the letter T, we did a TIEDYE T-Shirt day! We used rubber bands and tied our t-shirt to the pattern we would like.... We all picked our colour and watched our white t-shirt magically change its colour! 

What an eventful week we had!!! 

Have a restful weekend!

Ms. Jija and Ms. Melinda

 Making slime for the letter "S"!

Making slime for the letter "S"!

 Made a rhinoceros for our craft.

Made a rhinoceros for our craft.

 Made a top hat for our graduation performance.

Made a top hat for our graduation performance.

Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

Hi and happy Friday!

When I asked the children what their favorite zoo animal was, to my surprise the majority of the children choose “rhinoceros”!  So for our craft we used a paper plate and cut it in the shape of a rhinos head and its horns and painted it.  Wow!  It actually came out pretty good!  We also talked all about the rhinoceros and how they use their horns for fighting and for digging up bushes to eat.

On another day we made our hats for the graduation performance.  We made top hate out of construction paper and added glitter!  Now we can practice our dance with the hats!

On Thursday we started on our Father’s Day gifts.  We used milk cartons and glued popsicle sticks to make a pen stand for daddy.  We will wait until it dries before we paint them.  Daddy will love it for sure!

Have a super fun weekend everyone!

Ms Irene & Ms Yuka