Outdoor education- seeing what’s around us.


*Outdoor education*

A lot of times during outdoor education, we try to practice mindfulness. In our chaotic busy kindergarten lives, we try to listen to what we hear, we think about what we see around us and what we smell around us.

We sit in a big group and listen to what our friends have to offer. During this time of sharing, children learn to respect, children learn to wait, they learn to listen to each other.


“I see grey spot.. but all the other spots are brown. I wonder why it’s the only one.. “

#investigate #wonder


Friend 1 “Wah!! There’s a green spider 🕷 on the floor!!” 😱

Friend 2 “it’s not a spider!! It’s a 🦀 ! There’s a green crab on the ground!”😨

*everyone comes running*

“how did it get here???” 🤔

Friend3 “it’s not moving...”🙄

Friend 4 “wait, it’s a toy!” 😅

#problemsolving #thoughtprocess


Friend 1 “I see a bug but it’s not moving..” Friend 2 “maybe he’s thirsty. Let’s give him water!”

Friend 1 “I think he’s sleeping, leave him alone.”

#kindness #criticalthinking #internationalkindergarten

Heightening our senses, one ingredient at a time.

Yesterday was our last cooking class of the year. Our friends helped make an parfait with anin-tofu, grapefruit jello and peach.


We spoke about the different tastes, texture and smell. We compared it, we combined it.  “I like how the peach tastes with grapefruit jelly.” Some of our friends favored the sweet and sour taste. Some combined the sweet flavors. “I like the smell of peach with the Anin-tofu”


We invited our parents and served them our specially made parfait. Our friends asked their parents what they would like in their parfait. It was fully customized!

Thank you Ms. Emily for the wonderful school year. See you in September 👩🏻‍🍳