Love & Kind Words


Smooth Transition

What a simply wonderful school! The curriculum is interactive and engaging; our children can’t wait to get to class each day. Moreover, every teacher goes above and beyond to care for our children as if we were family. The entire community of other parents, teachers and staff have made our transition to Tokyo smooth and positive.

M. Holzrichter

the Right Decision

When I first visited J’s, I was amazed how their students are able to speak English well despite the ratio of students’ nationalities and their age. I soon found out the answer to my big question after my daughter started schooling with them.

Because school keeps the ratio of the teachers/students to each class, every child is able to stay and communicate with the teachers all the time. The teachers are kind, fun , energetic, and very close to the students. This is one of the luxurious environment that not many schools can provide.

In each class, they have impressive curriculum teaching alphabets, numbers, and other things which stimulate kid’s curiosity.

The facility is cozy but decorated so beautifully with colorful wall papers and exotic animals on the wall.

I have visited quite many international preschools in Tokyo before my daughter was settled. J’s international school is very honest to students’ families and I trust them the most.

My daughter is finishing her first semester at present school within few weeks and I’m very happy to see her big smile everyday. I am assured that I made a right decision to choose J’s for my daughter’s first education.

S. Suto