Educators, Mothers, Artists


Each class is formed with a team of an early childhood educator, mother figure and an artist. Children need the loving, caring environment mothers often create, while educators helping form literacy and numeracy rich environment. The artist helps create the foundation of a life long journey of creativity.
Each class has more than one educator who is certified in CPR and First-Aid.

Small Class Size

Our low teacher-to-student ratio allow teachers to focus on the individual learning styles and needs of each child in our school. Often times, children need one-on-one support when learning a new language or transitioning to a new environment. We ensure each child is well supported in every way possible.


We believe in importance of community. Parents and teachers form a strong partnership to support the child in the best way possible. Daily communication, bi-annual parent-teacher conferences, meetings on demand, open house and various activities held for families to join are some ways to build strong partnership between the school and families.