J's History


It all started 15 years ago...

J’s International School was founded by two mothers whose children, a boy and a girl, were close friends, both attending international schools in Japan. The boy, Jason, was studying to become a math teacher when he tragically lost his life in an accident in the U.S.A. The girl continued her studies to become an early childhood educator. Together the mothers felt that establishing a school for early childhood development would be a meaningful tribute to Jason’s life as well as the girl’s love of teaching. The two mothers combined their many years of experience in child rearing and teaching English to create J’s – a school named after the first letter of their children's names and of course Japan.

Grateful that their own children had the privilege of receiving their education in splendid international schools, the two mothers created J's to enable other children to have similar opportunities. They are also very grateful for the support and encouragement given to them by educators and parents of the international community in Tokyo.


J's International Schoolは、15年前に教育者であり母親でもある理事長の梁と校長の小安により設立されました。



理事長と校長は、彼女の直向きな教育への信念と熱意に動かされ、自分たちも力を合わせてJasonの夢を実現させようと決心しました。1人でも多くの子供たちに、我が子がインターナショナルスクールで受けた深い愛情とグローバルな教育、そして心に残る素晴らしい経験をさせてあげたいという願いからJ's International Schoolを設立しました。

この様な経緯もあり、J's International Schoolの学校名は、学校設立のきっかけとなったJasonと理事長の長女の名前の頭文字JとJapanのJを取り入れた、理事長と校長にとって大切な意味を持つ学校名になりました。

J's International Schoolは、様々な教育者からのアドバイスとサポート及び生徒の保護者からの温かい励ましによって支えられ、最高の幼児教育を提供することに努めております。