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Winter Fun 2017

Making stockings for Christmas!

Making stockings for Christmas!

Look at my Santa Clause mask!

Look at my Santa Clause mask!

Little Lambs

Hello and happy Friday!

This week we enjoyed our Winter Fun program in the Little Lambs classroom!

We sang many Christmas songs including “Jingle Bells” and “Deck the Halls.”  We sang and read along with a Frosty the Snowman book and a Santa Claus is Coming to Town book.

On Monday we made stockings to hang upon the fireplace!

On Tuesday we made some yummy, minty candy cane treats with red and gold stripes!

On Wednesday we made Santa Claus masks complete with a snowy white beard!  Ho! Ho! Ho!

On Thursday we made sparkly ornaments to hang upon the Christmas tree!

On Friday we decorated gingerbread houses with colorful gumdrop candies!

What a crafty, Christmas-y week it was!

We hope you enjoyed Winter Fun!

Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, everyone!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

Busy Bees, Ready RAbbits & Clever CAts

Hello and happy Friday!

“Winter Fun” had been so much fun this week with Busy Bees, Ready Rabbits, and Clever Cats!

We started our week talking about the Holiday that we celebrate for the month of December, as well as the things we do and the food we eat during the Christmas season. The kids were also shown different pictures of Christmas trees and the things we use to decorate them.  We learned the vocabulary words like: ornaments, candy cane, Christmas lights, garlands and bells.  

For the craft, we made our own Christmas trees using popsicle sticks. We painted the sticks and waited for them to get dry.  We added some pompoms as ornaments, pipe cleaners as garlands and sequins as Christmas lights.

On Tuesday, the kids made snowflakes using coffee filters. We practiced using scissors and we cut the coffee filters. Then, we used watercolor paint and brushes in painting our snowflakes. 

On Wednesday, we made toilet paper snowmen. We used pompoms and pipe cleaners as ear muffs. We also used felt for their mittens and scarf. In the afternoon, the kids had fun playing at the park with their friends. 

On Thursday, we made snowflakes and mitten mobile craft. We used origami papers for our snowflakes and decorated the mittens with glitter glue and sequins. 

On Friday, we made snowmen Christmas count down.  We used paper plate for the face of the snowman and we did a countdown during circle time. The kids were able to write the numbers on their plates and used carrots as their snowmen’s noses.  

Everyone is excited for the upcoming Holiday! Over all, the big kids did a fantastic work this week! 

Enjoy your Holidays and we’ll see you all in January!

Ms. Khristine and Ms. Melinda


Made a Christmas tree using popsicle sticks.

Made a Christmas tree using popsicle sticks.

Made toilet paper snowman!

Made toilet paper snowman!