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September Week 2

Look at my shark silhouette!

Look at my shark silhouette!

Practiced recognizing the colors blue and red with a fish dabbing worksheet!

Practiced recognizing the colors blue and red with a fish dabbing worksheet!

Little Lambs

Hello and happy Friday!

We hope everyone had a lovely Silver Week holiday!

This week, we finished our Ocean Friends mural by making shark, dolphin, and whale silhouettes, colorful seahorse, and red handprint crabs!  What fun our Ocean Friends have under the sea!

We also practiced recognizing the colors blue and red with a fish dabbing worksheet.

We made lambs with cotton balls because we’re the Little Lambs!

Finally, we glued yellow circles onto a school bus worksheet.  We also glued on black circles for the wheels on the bus!

Wonderful work this week, Little Lambs!

Keep up the good work and we’ll see you next week!

Ms. Patricia, Ms. Laly, Ms. Ale

Busy Bees

Hello and happy Friday!

This week the Busy Bees learned about their five senses.

On Monday, we learned about our sense of sight and smell. We tried to smell some things like peppermint extract, vinegar, perfume, and fruits such as lemon and different tea bags. They were asked to close their eyes and guessed what they smell. Then for the sense of sight, we used mirror to learn about reflection. The kids had fun making silly faces in the mirror. We also did a short guessing game using our senses and for the activity, we did tea bag painting.

For the sense of hearing, we played some musical instruments like bells, tambourine, castanet, and a drum while singing the ABC song. We also talked about our sense of touch. We touched some toy animals and felt their skin.  We differentiate things from smooth, rough, soft, hard, and bumpy.

We also learned about our sense of taste. We talked about foods that we like to eat and some foods that we don’t. I brought some lemons and I let the kids smell and feel them. Then we sliced the lemons and tried to taste them. They said they are sour but they still tried to eat them. After that, we used the rest of the lemons to make lemonade. We squeezed the lemons, poured the lemon juice in the measuring cup, we added some water. After mixing all the ingredients, we had our cool refreshing drink!

Great job Busy Bees!

Have a nice weekend and see you all next week!

Ms. Khristine and Ms. Melinda

Smelling the tea bag.

Smelling the tea bag.

colorful crayons with our names!

colorful crayons with our names!

our classroom clock looks so much better now!

our classroom clock looks so much better now!

Ready Rabbits/Clever Cats

Hello and happy Friday from the Ready Rabbits and Clever Cats!

This week was our last week for the theme "Back to School". 

We made colorful crayon name labels to decorate the classroom with! We dabbed Q-tips in different colored paint and traced our names on black paper. This was a great art project for the kids to have fun with paint, as well as being a good exercise for them to practice tracing/spelling out their names.

This week we have also started learning how to read the clock! To help us remember how to read the minutes, we have made handwritten numbers to put on our classroom clock. We made it nice and colorful so it's easy for us to read and makes it fun to check the clock!

We are also practicing reading, easy addition and so forth.

We are so proud of our Ready Rabbits and Clever Cats who keep growing every day!

Have a great weekend everyone!

Ms. Irene & Ms. Yuka