The first school where he felt truly comfortable.


The first school where he felt truly comfortable.

Jonathan and I would like to thank you for all the wonderful time he had with you at J’s this year.  He truly enjoyed his time there and I know he misses everyone.
J’s International is a terrific school for children.  When we first moved to Tokyo we tried a couple of different summer programs but J’s was the first one where Jonathan (2 years old) felt truly comfortable.  The teachers and staff are all very caring and warm and made him feel welcomed from the minute he walked in the door.  After a few days, Jonathan would eagerly wake up in the morning, walk to the door and say, “Take me to school” because he couldn’t wait to go to J’s.


There are several reasons I believe Jonathan enjoyed J’s so much.

  • Individual attention – The teacher/student ratio is excellent so Jonathan was able to get the attention he needed.

  • Variety of activities and creativity – Every night at dinner Jonathan would tell us a new story about what he learned and what he did at school. The stories usually involved a creative activity like role-playing as a bus drive or as a pilot.

  • Indoor/outdoor areas – Jonathan loves playing outside and so being able to have some activities outside rather than sitting all day long indoors was great. 

  • Japanese/English conversation – Jonathan enjoys hearing and learning languages.  He speaks Spanish and English and I think he enjoyed hearing (and learning some) Japanese as well.


There are several reasons why I too liked J’s so much.

·  Caring atmosphere – I felt like the teachers took a personal interest in the well being of Jonathan, they took the time to really get to know him

· Flexibility – The before/after hours care was extremely helpful in letting me work the hours I needed without worry.

·  Location – J’s is a short walk from the Azabu-Juban

·  Newness and cleanliness – Great care was taken to make sure the facilities were well organized and always clean.  Many of the supplies were new.

·  Structure – activities were well structured and organized.  It was always calm and never chaotic when we arrived or dearted from J’s.

Thank you again for making our stay in Tokyo so wonderful and for all you did for Jonathan.  He will always remember his time at J’s!



Laura and Jonathan