Ready Rabbits & Clever Cats

Ages 4-6 years old (Ratio 1:5)

4歳から6歳 (教員2名)


[ready rabbits]
hopping and growing...

At this age children are growing rapidly, both mentally and physically. They are eager to learn and to become more independent. Learning to use their words and "talk things out" is an important step to becoming an independent individual. Teachers are always there to encourage and guide each child. The academic goals are; counting and recognizing numbers from 1 to 50, beginning Phonics including rhyming words, recognizing and identifying first and last letter and beginning to read simple books. Soon a Ready Rabbit becomes able to hop on to the next stage… the Clever Cats.


[Clever cats]
Clever little challengers...

Children at this age are "challengers". They demand a lot of themselves & their teachers. They are energetic, enthusiastic and have insatiable curiosity. Many of their questions require some research by the teachers but at J's we are always happy to go the extra mile to satisfy their amazing desire for knowledge! Seeing the children's eyes glowing with excitement and their confidence growing makes teaching so rewarding. Academically, these children reach the level of first grade in language arts, reading and math. This provides a head-start for a smooth transition to international elementary schools.

クレバー キャッツの年齢の子供達は叙所に自分の要求をコントロールできるようになり協調性が高まる時期です。規則を守り、役割を決めたり順番を守ったりできるようになります。友達の気持ちを理解した行動ができるようにもなってくる時です。またインターナショナルスクールに進学するために必要な基礎知識を中心にお勉強します。一か月のカリキュラムに読み書き(文章作成)、フォニックス、算数、アートプロジェクト等が含まれています。音楽やお料理については、先生のお手伝いや年少さんの手助けを中心に楽しく学びます。子供達は個性豊かな表現力を流暢に使いこなすことが出来るようになり卒業していきます。