Busy Bees

Ages 2.5-3.5 years old (Ratio 1:5)

2.5歳から3.5歳 (教員2名)


Bzzz... let's get busy learning!

As their name implies "Busy Bees" are an active group. The task ahead is for them to learn to control their very busy energetic selves, sit down and concentrate for 20 minutes and become self-sufficient in daily activities such as eating lunch and going to the bathroom. By encouraging children to do things on their own, teachers help the transition from babyhood to childhood to be a happy and rewarding time. By the end of our program the Busy Bees will have learned how to count and write the numbers 1-30, recognize, write and pronounce all the letters of the alphabet. They will be all set to get started on the exciting programs waiting for them in the next class, the Ready Rabbits.